Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Catch Up

Well hey there! It's been a while.  I finally got my act together and cleared off my computer and phone so I can take more/post more photos.  Yay!

So to catch up...

Christmas Fest at St Olaf with mom (Ian and Ruth too)

(the tiniest cousins, but not for long! notice that bump behind Rory?)

 The last 8th floor Macy's visit ever. I'm so sad, but so glad we got to go one more time!

 winter break bliss

winter days, school projects, walking errands, lots of time with my little man (who only wears shorts and t shirts and his cubs baseball hat!) life is good and fuller than ever

Family Fun Day for Skijammer with Ainsley.  This girl can ski anything now.  It was so fun to spend the day with her and Pop (on his 61st birthday no less!) 

Now we are looking forward to Spring, though we just got a good few inches of fresh snow last night.  The kids are SO excited for Florida in 3 weeks, me too.  Just yesterday Felix and I found thrifted sandals for everyone.

Hopefully I'll be here more regularly now.  I miss it!

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