Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Almost Fall

School has started.  Somehow summer has rather seamlessly flowed into fall.  In fact I know it's not quite fall yet and am reminded by this by my ever inquisitive fact seeking know it all children, but still.  These cool breezes and first color changing leaves and fires needed for warmth, they are 

But first, lets wrap up summer shall we?

Ainsley's new gas station glasses. I really don't have words for how perfectly these suit her personality and how much amusement they give me.

The garden at summers end.  I'm sad that it's just about over, sad that the rabbits and squirrels have taken so much for themselves.  Delighted though by all it accomplished it's first year and how much joy that one packet of sunflower seeds has brought.

The perennials gardens continue to amaze me.  Now we had seedums and mums blooming.  I can't wait to get the beds all ready for their winter's sleep and dream of what next year will bring.

The end of a hot summer looks like this...Loudness and calmness and mess upon mess.

For those who have seen Stranger Things, doesn't Felix remind you of someone?  At any rate, the dress up productions this living room saw in August, well, they were epic.

Our church summer has come to a close too.  This photo shows the kids saying goodbye to our beloved summer intern Alex (who just so happens to be an Alum of Pop's soccer team too).  Between VBS, Wednesday outdoor services, drama camp and the summer musical we really solidified our love for our new church.  We enter the fall as official members with three children begging us to go as much as we can.  I love what it's done for all of us.

A handful of photos from our Labor Day trip up North.

It was windy but beautiful and so nice to get away one last time.

The girls' back to school photos are on Ian's camera, but here is Felix on his first day of 3 day a week 3 year old preschool.  He had a wonderful first day.  I'm so excited for him this fall!

As the children find their rhythm in this new season I find myself searching for mine too.  I feel as if I'm at a strange in between place.  For the first time in years I have some time to myself again, not much, but some.  For now it's filling all too easily with errands and appointments, but soon I hope to find a cadence that helps me grow a bit too and do the things I need for myself.

Here's to fall and all the wonder it brings!

Louise is 6!

Louise Adele turned 6 on August 26th.  We celebrated with family the day of and friends the week after.

she drew me cooking!

Louise continues to surprise me.  I'll think I have her pegged and then she'll do something I completely don't expect (like bravely disposing of a dead bat in the cabin when mommy was having nothing to do with that and was going to wait for daddy to wake up from his nap) or when after being terrified of tubing earlier this summer overcame her fears and became a wild child behind the boat by the end of the summer.

This year her first grade teacher asked us to fill out some sheets about our children.  I loved doing that so much.  It's rare that I sit and reflect on each child individually.  She asked us what words we would use to describe our children.  I always think of sweet when I think of Louise, but as she grows there are other words that seem more fitting: observant, patient, kind, thoughtful, trustworthy/reliable, responsible.  She is very motivated by doing the "right" thing, and won't hesitate to stand up for what she thinks is right.  She takes such good care of herself and those around her.  
I love spending time with Louise. When we go out and do things just us it's the easiest ever.  She thrives on togetherness, loves being around her family.  We snuggle all the time and she's still the best couch nap buddy.
I love this age.  Such a great cross between sweet young thing and big capable kid.
I love watching the wonderful young lady that she's becoming.
We love you so much Louise!!!