Monday, July 22, 2013


Two days shy of three months into this, we had it.
A start to finish fantastic day.

Sure, there've been the wegotthestuffdoneweneededto days,
the tonsoffunbutgoodlord!thelaundry days
(a few too many of those if I'm honest)

but today?
today :o).

and tomorrow? why, it at least feels possible.

Life Lately

Ah Summer.  By far my LEAST favorite season.  I know I know, we all long for sun and warmth, but really I'd take 50 and cloudy any day over this 100+ sun blazing heat we've been having.  If it's too hot to be active I don't want it!

Still, we're kind of having a blast.  I am soaking up this time with my three little people, knowing full well that in no time school will be here and I'll be missing my two big girls (but relishing in the time with my little man, let's be real ;o)

We still manage to get out most mornings, whether it be for an errand, a play date, the park or the library.  While afternoons can feel long if the girls don't nap I LOVE those hours the most.  They are slow and precious and most usually filled with calm fun.  Ah summer.

I've been trying to use this time wisely, namely, soaking it all up.  Ainsley is so imaginative and thirsty for learning and knowledge, she blows my mind daily.  Louise is such a big little lady, telling stories, singing songs, so happy to work on her own projects and carry out plans.  And our Felix boy?  Ah, the smiles, the LAUGHING! When he's awake all he wants to be doing is locking eyes, cooing and chatting and loving.  He reminds us to dial it back, soak it up, it's grand and full.  This time is so special,I am overwhelmed by the fullness of it all.

And on the side?  I'm gearing up a bit.  For fall, for my two girls to be in school, for Louise's THIRD birthday!!! for one more trip up north before summer's end, for weddings of friends and family.  I'm finding a new groove for myself.  Lots of baths at night for reading, a bit of baby wearing with Felix for sewing and cooking, knitting a few rows here and there to keep things moving along, lots of floor time for games, puzzles, books and tummy time.

I have moments when I feel guilt for not making more plans, reaching out more to friends and getting up to see family more often.  Then I just refocus a bit, knowing that there will be time for all that soon.  Right NOW is moving so fast.  I just want to be here. 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Ian turned 29 on the 3rd of July.  This year, due to a last minute change of plans, we weren't together for his birthday.  He was working long hours at home while we (his four counterparts) were up in the northwoods of Wisconsin celebrating with my sister (who just happens to be born on the same day, three years later).

It was fun to get to celebrate with Jenny like in the old days.  We ALWAYS spent her birthday and the fourth of July up at my grandparents cabin in Manitowish Waters WI.  My last trip up with with Ian and Ainsley when she was just six months old.  It was so great to see the lake, the cabins, and of course all the family.  But we sure missed our biggest guy and were excited to celebrate when we got back.

Of course there were presents ( a new watch, a smoked fish and meat order from Northern Waters, books, a baseball cap hanger) and  candle blower helpers and yellow cake (from a box, with homemade's our compromise).  There was too, indulgent food: smoked salmon and bagels for lunch, shrimp scampi, farmer's market tomatoes and garden basil turned into bruschetta with our FAVORITE ciabatta from the local bakery.  Yum, I could eat that meal every day.

I felt bad that we missed out on "the day" but what a treat to come home from a long fun vacation, tired and thirsty for home, to celebrate our man.  Happy 29th Ian!  If possible, we love you more each year!

Felix Boy, Two Months

Oh my Bub, so much to say.  I am so in love it's hard to raise those rose colored glasses even for a moment to write about you logically, where to start!  But I want to remember you right this minute, so I sure will try.

You took your first big roadtrip this month.  While you don't love the car much we made it! And once at our destinations (three separate ones!) you did so well being passed around and loved on by everyone.  You are loved little boy!

You've been smiling since about 4 weeks old but this month you've solidified your happy personality with tons of cooing and the first bits of laughter.  You love most just locking eyes with people, calm soothing happy words, and holding hands.

While up in MN you rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time! I didn't believe it when your dad called me into the room to see.  You are such a strong little boy and next to being held football style, sitting upright or standing are your favorite positions.

You are still an incredible sleeper.  You go to bed between 7 and 8, get up once between 3 and 4 and are up for the day between 6:30 and 7:30.  8 hours of straight sleep isn't too shabby little guy!

You are a good napper too, though your schedule is still pretty all over the place.  Some days you're in a more "big baby" groove where you take 3 bigger naps...other days are more "newborn-y" with smaller naps before every feeding.  A lot of it has to do with how much you're hauled around.  If we're out and about in the morning you snooze in the car or the sling, if we're home you'll nap longer in your crib.  You get at least one good long nap in your crib after lunch every day.  Yay for quiet time!

I am astounded by how fast you're growing.  You were out of newborn clothes within a couple of weeks and are now stretching the 3-6 month clothes to the max.   I'm thankful for big boy cousin hand me downs and generous gifts to keep your growing body clothed!  I will admit it's fun having an excuse to buy you a few things when you need them.  I hit up a big sale at Carters a few weeks back and keep my eyes open on zulily.  I'm also having fun looking up some new sewing patterns for pants.  A cute onesie and homemade pants or leggings seem to be my go to for you.  You are so cute.  I'm happy to dress you up anytime.

Ah my little guy, lastly, you are mine.  I am so aware that you are my last little baby and so thankful for every second with you.  I'm happy to put aside my to do list and my hurried brain just to stop and hold you, stare into those big blue eyes and relish in the delight and joy I feel getting to watch you grow.  We all love you so much and are so glad you're in our family.  We can't wait to see what next month will bring!