Saturday, February 11, 2017


Oh January.  I'm struggling with you.  As usual I am so sad that Christmas is over and so wishing Christmas were still to come.  We had a wonderful holiday but it seemed to go to fast.  I find myself already looking forward to next year.  I really want to do a homemade holiday again.  I loved that so much.

Even so there are so many wonderful things ahead for this winter.  The first is Ainsley's skiing.  She's doing a ski program that runs for 8 Saturdays.  I was a bit nervous dropping her off for that first day last weekend but she had a blast and did so great and after 9 hours away from us hopped off the bus no problem.  Relief! and Excitement! She's LOVING skiing.  I'm excited to watch her grow.

Louise is loving first grade.  Her class this year is pretty boy heavy so the 7 girls have become really tight.  She comes home laughing with stories every day and cried the one day she had to stay home sick because she missed school so much.  Looking back to a year ago this time I'm SO thankful for her happiness at school.

Felix is still my little buddy.  I've had a hard time shaking off that his preschool years look a bit different from his sisters.  He loves school so much but outside of school our lives are much quieter.  No musikgarten or library storytimes, no neighborhood playdates.  I reason with myself that he's my third and that seems to be different across the board.  He and I both need those few quiet mornings we have left before sisters come off the bus and activites gear up.  He is SO excited for a preschool soccer class he's taking later this month.  I'm thankful for my easy going sweet boy.

I have been so thankful for the yoga program I jumped on 4 weeks ago now.  I can hardly believe I've made it 4 weeks without a break!  I still wish the weather would cooperate to make some outside running easier, but mostly I'm really satisfied just getting something in every day.  Plus yoga feels SO GOOD.  It's just what this almost 33 year old body needs.

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